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However, if you have long term pain or inflammation, they are unlikely to improve the underlying problem that’s causing it. NSAIDs, which can also be called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, help manage pain and fever, mostly by reducing inflammation. The availability of the abuse-deterrent version of oxycodone has led to the FDA banning generic versions of OxyContin due to the risk of misuse. I give consent to London Pain Clinic processing data about myself and my medication condition. Since oxycodone can suppress breathing, it is used with strong caution in the elderly, debilitated patients and in patients with serious lung disease. These methods are primarily used to defeat the time-release mechanism in OxyContin tablets, causing the active ingredient to take full effect on the brain, almost immediately.

oxycodone addiction treatment

The issue of opioids being addictive even at therapeutic doses is important to highlight; people can become addicted to prescription drugs even when using them as directed by their doctor. For most people, the initial decision to take prescription drugs is voluntary. Over a period of time, however, changes in the brain caused by repeated drug abuse affect a person’s self-control and ability to make sound decisions.

Like all opioids, oxycodone works by stopping pain signals to your brain and, at the same time, triggers the release of endorphins, the neurotransmitters that make you feel good. When taken over time, a person may build up a tolerance to oxycodone and need to increase their dose to feel the same benefits. What begins as recreational use can quickly progress to a drug dependence.

Dangers of Taking Prescription Drugs such as Opioids

At Linwood House, we understand that the effects of oxycodone reliance extend beyond just the individual and can impact the entire family. Part of this includes education on the recovery process and how to respond constructively in the event of a relapse. Family therapy at Linwood House also involves making sure that the entire family’s well-being is supported and that dysfunctional family dynamics are addressed. Opioid painkillers can be prescribed to offer relief from moderate to severe pain when other forms of pain relief haven’t worked. Healthcare professionals are unlikely to prescribe compound painkillers containing the opioids codeine and dihydrocodeine for longer than a few days, because there’s little evidence that they help long-term pain.

It is 2-3 times stronger than morphine and is used in healthcare for severe pain. If misused illicitly, it is very addictive and as addictive as heroin, but heroin misuse is far more common than diamorphine misuse. For some of us, a sensation of deep relaxation and feelings of extreme well-being may be seen with morphine use. Long term use of morphine, like codeine, can lead to more severe physical and mental health impairment, more severe withdrawal and life-threatening in an overdose. In 2019, 5.6 million people were issued with an opioid prescription and over 500,000 of those have been receiving repeat prescriptions for over 5 years.

For those struggling with a prescription drug addiction like this, a life without Oxycodone may feel impossible. With the right treatment plan, however, overcoming your dependence on this drug is entirely possible. Without this powerful opioid clouding your judgement and dulling your senses, you can rediscover true happiness, purpose and freedom. You will be able to reconnect with family and friends, reassess your goals and passions, explore new hobbies and experience a greater sense of satisfaction in your daily life.


It can be very helpful in opiate rehab as it can help you to deal with difficult emotions without resorting to drug use. Sanctuary Lodge is a state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility providing private detox from various substances, including opiates, as well as personalised rehabilitation. Outpatient treatment allows a patient to sleep at their own home and continue to do outside activities such as going to work or school. When someone is a part of outpatient treatment, they will generally go to therapy or a treatment centre for several hours a day, several days a week. The problems occur when someone takes the drug outside of the directions given to them by a doctor. Additionally, a person who takes OxyContin that they got from the street or online is a drug abuser the first time they take the drug.

Not only is it a costly and debilitating addiction, but opioid overdose from Oxycodone is also a very real — and potentially deadly — possibility. OxyContin is a semi-synthetic opiate prescribed to reduce medium to severe pain. Completing Oxycodone rehab is a huge milestone, and one you should feel proud of.

Oxycodone and aspirin combination is used to relieve pain severe enough to require opioid treatment and when other pain medicines did not work well enough or cannot be tolerated. Oxycodone belongs to the group of medicines called narcotic analgesics (pain medicines). While some people attempt cold turkey to get off the drug Oxycodone, it can be dangerous to perform a detox by yourself plus there is a higher chance of a relapse.

However, it’s important to recognise that prescription drug addiction can be managed and a lasting recovery can be made. Our expert team at Life Works are here to help you overcome your prescription drug addiction. Codeine is commonly used to treat mild to moderate pain and is described as a ‘weak opioid’. Low strength codeine can be bought over the counter in the form of co-codamol.

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